My New Job

My Chinese tattoo which means "Determination", and yes I know for a fact that's what it says. :)

A few months ago I was given the option to either take a severance package and leave my job, or stay and be stuck in the same position until I got tired of it. Naturally I chose to take the severance and leave the job. Although I absolutely LOVED the company, I knew that there would be

no future for me there if I stayed. I wasn’t planning on being in that position for too much longer, and I figured I should consider the package as me being paid to find a new job. This was right around income tax season, so as my end-date neared I focused on how I would make the most of my time off from work. I had already interviewed for what I considered my “dream company” a few months prior, and my mind was actually set on working there or nowhere. I decided to throw myself into entrepreneurship and blogging full time while I had the opportunity to do it. I gave myself 60 days to make something happen, and if nothing did, I was going to start looking for a new job. Let me interrupt the story really quickly just to get a little preachy on you guys. God works in the most mysterious ways! I can attest to it 100%, and this is not the only situation I have to back me up. I interviewed for my dream company twice. I discussed the first one here and I didn’t get the job ?. The other I never discussed, but I was actually offered that position. I had to decline it because they wanted me to start immediately which would’ve caused me to leave my severance, and I wasn’t with it. I figured I had probably left a bad taste in their mouths since I declined, and I kinda just came to the reality that I wouldn’t work at my dream company. I was sad, but I knew I would be ok. So now we fast forward to March 31st 2017. That was my last day at my job, and I had given myself the 60 days to make this entrepreneur life work for me. I went hard at it, learned new skills, applied them, and created a great foundation for myself. I started to envision myself as a full time entrepreneur again. This was not my first time working for myself, so I knew I could do it. I was just nervous because I now have a baby and there would be no room for financial errors at this point in my life. Just as I was getting into the groove of things I received a call. It was the dream company! ?. They were calling because they wanted to know if I was still interested and available to take the position they had offered me before. I couldn’t believe it! I had put that thought out of my mind because I figured they wouldn’t want to work with me after I turned them down. But here they were, calling me, asking me to accept the offer again. I was ecstatic! But I was also sad. I was sad because I had already decided to work for myself full time, and there was no way I could work for them full-time, myself full-time, and be a full-time mom. Or could I? I wasn’t sure, and I had to make a decision fast. After discussing it with my boyfriend and my mom, I came to the conclusion that I might actually be able to pull it all off with hard work and determination. I believed in myself and everyone around me believed in me too. Plus, I had promised everyone in my family a new house when get rich, so I needed multiple streams of income anyway lol. So I told the job yes, and my first day was May 30th 2017. That’s exactly 60 days. How crazy is that? That’s why I gotta give God the glory. I feel like he put me in a position to get my businesses going, and then brought me back to the job once I set a good foundation. I believe in the law of attraction, and I believe when you believe in things they come true. My faith is on another level, and it has always been that way since I was a kid. I’ve always had a crazy imagination, and I truly believe I can have whatever I want. That’s why I pay it forward, remain positive and faithful, and appreciate my blessings. So now I’m at my new job, and I’m loving it. I have to work on juggling it all, but I’ll get there. That’s the reason why these posts are late, but I promise I will get to a point where I’m getting it all done on time. As the days go by I will continuously work to get better at everything. In the mean time bear with me as I work out the kinks ?. 

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