About Me

Hiiiii! Welcome to my blog! My name is Stefanie, and I’m from Brooklyn NY, and I’m an aspiring entrepreneur.  Stef & The City, (formerly My Bump & Grind), features my cutie patootie little son (Bump), and my journey to success (Grind). I started this blog because I needed a way to hold myself accountable for my goals and dreams while I transitioned into motherhood. I also wanted to network and bond with other moms (and future moms) who are trying to navigate their lives as mothers while continuing to pursue their pre-pregnancy dreams. If you were to ask anyone to describe me, I think they would all say I’m very resourceful. I have a knack for researching and figuring things out. I just recently decided to tap into this skill by starting a consulting company. I write about entrepreneurship, I host giveaways, I post about my fitness journey, and I discuss how to stay stylish with a toddler and a budget. I’ll also share my favorite things and places, and give you a look at my city, (and several other cities) through my eyes. I hope you’ll subscribe to my blog and engage with myself and others as we create a space where we can vent, encourage, and get to know each other as we maneuver through this crazy thing called life. 🙂