Blogmas Day 10 – Christmas Traditions

My friend and I had a conversation about how her family celebrated Christmas while she was growing up, versus how mine did it while I was growing up. Both of us had great childhoods and fond memories of the holidays, but they were so different. I grew up in an apartment in Brooklyn NY, and Christmas for me was a huge deal. She grew up in a house in Indianapolis, and Christmas for her was just as huge. One of our family traditions was to open one gift

at 12am on Christmas Eve (going into Christmas). We were able to choose the one we wanted to open, and you had to hope to God it wasn’t clothing. She couldn’t open any gifts until day time on Christmas morning. Her family had presents under the Christmas tree and they also had stockings stuffed with small gifts for everyone. We had stockings, but we rarely ever put anything in them. She left cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer. We left cookies and milk for Santa, but clearly forgot all about the reindeer lol. The funniest thing is that we didn’t have a fireplace in my apartment, but we never questioned how Santa got in 😄. Anyway, talking to her made me realize that I need to create holiday traditions for my son. Putting aside the true meaning of Christmas, and whether he will believe in Santa or not, I still want him to get that warm fuzzy feeling when he thinks of the holidays. I see a lot of people who let their children choose one ornament each year, and others let their children choose a full theme for the tree each year (dinosaurs, trolls, pumpkins, etc). This is the first Christmas that he will actually be able to experience the concept of it. Last year he was too young to know or care about what was going on. This year he’ll be opening gifts and participating in all of the activities. This is the year that I need to get the tradition going so that when he becomes an adult he’ll have pictures and memories of the things he did during the holidays. I’m considering going with the tree ornament thing, but my heart is not really set on it. I know it can be more than one thing, but I want it to be super special. I guess it will come to me. What are you guys doing with your children to get your own traditions going outside of the ones your parents set for you?

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4 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 10 – Christmas Traditions”

  1. Finding my own family traditions have just recently been something I’ve been wanting to start with my kiddos too. Winter has more time for projects and indoor activities. So, I plan on making a lot of memories with activities and recipes we can do together.

  2. I’m struggling with this as well! My husband has never really gotten into the holidays so he doesn’t have any special traditions. My family used to go to the movies each year on Christmas and that was pretty special but my son is too young for that right now! So far we just come down in the morning to Christmas music, coffee (for me and hubs) and Santa gifts displayed as well as stockings. Then there are wrapped presents under the tree! We do leave cookies and milk too, and growing up we only left carrots on some years. My sisters family used to throw oats and sugar or something out into the grass for the reindeer!

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