Blogmas Day 21 – Taking The Time To Appreciate Me

Hi Guys! So today I just wanted to take a second to appreciate myself, and hopefully inspire a few people to appreciate themselves as well. I know this may sound like I’m being conceited, but I promise it’s the total opposite. When I first decided to take on Blogmas, I knew it would be super challenging for me. Committing myself to doing something every single day is not an easy task for me. For one, I’ve always been a huge procrastinator, and if I don’t feel the pressure, I won’t act in a timely fashion. This changed once I had my son. Babies don’t wait for ANYTHING. After being pooped on,

vomited on, and given the side eye by my son, I began to step my preparation game way up! I applaud myself for the things I carry in my purse for the “just in case” instances. My son’s diaper bag would make any prepared-mommy proud because I make sure it is always filled with the essentials and more! To make a long story short, this preparedness has forced me to take inventory of the other procrastination areas in my life. I started to be more intentional with my goals for my business, The Pretty Grind. I started to figure out exactly what steps would be needed to achieve the goals I set for the end of this year and next year, and I began to be vocal about my expectations for my hard work.  I wanted to take the time to appreciate myself so that I could come back and read this on the days when I’m feeling bad about being too tired to do anything outside of my mommy duties. Those are hard days for me because I feel bad when I can’t assist other people I love. Christmas is such a giving season, and it made me realize that I haven’t given myself the gift of appreciation in awhile. So today, I’m telling myself that I’m proud of me, and I appreciate myself for doing what’s needed to take my family and I to the next level in our lives. Have you taken the time to appreciate yourself today?

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5 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 21 – Taking The Time To Appreciate Me”

  1. Love this! It’s easy to forget to appreciate ourselves but we definitely should. Who better to encourage yourself than yourself?

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