Blogmas Day 24 – Christmas Party Preparation

Yesterday we had a Christmas Pajama Party and we had so much fun! I picked up these last minute PJ’s at Kohl’s, and I was so happy to see that they still had matching pairs. The party was packed with family and friends from all over because we all made plans to be together for the holidays. Although I didn’t host the party, I did help prepare for it. I thought it would be good to list a few preparation tips to help make your holiday parties go on seamlessly.

Invitations: Holiday parties are all about having a good time with family and friends. Be sure to invite people that won’t cause trouble and ruin the event.

Create a budget: You should have a pretty good idea of how many people will be at your holiday party. It’s best to set a concrete budget because of you don’t, the price tag could become pretty hefty.

Plan the menu: Be sure to have a menu that caters to everyone. You also want to make sure you have enough food for your guests. Running out of food would be a disaster.

Decorations: Try to make it as festive as possible. People want the feeling of the holidays when they go to holiday parties. It puts everyone in a more festive mood.

Get a good playlist going and enjoy!

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