Blogmas Day 6 – 5 Items From My Christmas Wishlist

Before I dive into what I’m sure will be several lists suggesting the best Holiday Gifts For Her, Him, Baby, Them, etc, I’m going to go ahead and get my own Christmas wishlist out of the way. Why? Because I’m allowed to have one day of selfishness Lol! are a few things I hope to receive for Christmas:

Vlogging Tri-Pod: I feel like such a nerd asking for this, but I really want it! I plan on launching my Youtube channel soon, and I need it! Or it could just be that all of my favorite Youtubers have one and now I think I need one.

Portable Hard Drive: Since I became a mom my phone’s data storage has skyrocketed! I’m sure that’s normal because you just can’t help taking pictures and videos of everything the baby does, but I now need a terabyte to store everything. Not sure if I should feel accomplished or ashamed by that 😳.

Ring Light: Do you see where I’m going with this? I’m basically wishing for someone to fund my journey to Media Mogul status, and this is a necessity!

Macbook Case: How pretty is this?! I want it!

Slow Cooker: I hear so many stories about how I’m living life wrong because I don’t have one of these. They tell me I can put it on when I leave the house, and the food will be done when I get home after work. They tell me it’s safe to use. Makes me nervous, but I’ll try it out on the weekends!

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