Congratulations..You Played yourself!

Sooo.. in anticipation of my newly disciplined self, I put a weave in my hair so I could start my work out plan. Rushing as usual, I ended up buying the wrong color hair. I normally get jet black but I picked up brown/black instead. I hate it! So me being me, I said let me buy some hair color spray and just spray it black. From my understanding you can only rinse virgin hair, which this was not. That’s the reason why I didn’t just rinse it. So now here I am with this spray, and I’m spraying like there’s no tomorrow. It did the trick as far as looks. But I should’ve known that it would come off on my hands and clothes very easily. If I just touch my hair slightly, my fingers turn black. I now have to take the whole thing out because I can’t touch Lil baby without constantly washing my hands. I’m just gonna go ahead and put myself on timeout for this one. ?


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