Finally Making This Blog Public

This blog has been my baby for the past few months. If you’re reading this you’ll probably notice that my earlier posts were kind of in diary form. I used to use it just to write about the things on my mind. I always knew I would make it a public blog one day, I just didn’t know when. I also wasn’t sure about the direction I wanted to take it in. Up until one day this week, I have been the only one who knew it existed. My boyfriend knows about it, but he doesn’t know I have so many posts because I’ve kept it under wraps since day one. My main reason was because I really wasn’t ready to share it. Although it’s about my personal life, I plan to treat this blog as a business as well, and as a business, I didn’t feel like it was ready to be debuted. What I’ve learned is that I will never really feel like it’s ready to be debuted. The key is to just DO IT! Today I was just like, you know what, if I keep pushing this back, I’m never going to get anywhere with it. So now here it is. Open and ready for the world.

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