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When I first started this blog I had decided that I would not be outsourcing too many of my maintenance jobs. I made a commitment to learn several different types of technology and software so that I could create, edit, and retain ownership of my visuals. Most of all I didn’t want to have to be on anyone else’s time when it came to editing content. I searched for things like “free photoshop courses”, “free tech classes”, etc, and finally I found some. The first three courses I took were iMovie, Photoshop, and Indesign. All were free! The first thing I tell people who come to me for Business Consultation, especially when they’re building a creative brand, is that they should learn how to do everything it takes to run their business. Learning everything doesn’t mean that you have to do everything, but in the event your team is missing, the show won’t stop. I’ve learned so much from these free courses. I strongly recommend taking the time to take one if they’re available. Not only can it help your own business, but it’s great for your resume, and could practically get you any job you want these days. The links I’m providing are for NYC, but I’m sure you can start with your local library to find classes in your area. I’ve also provided tips on how to prepare for these classes so that you’re not lost when it comes time to go.

Tip # 1: Always be prepared with your own laptop. Make sure it’s fully charged, and make sure you’ve already downloaded the software for the class. Most of the technology classes I’ve taken have provided some type of computer, but there have been others that haven’t provided anything. You never want to be the person without a computer because it’s better to practice while you learn. In the event you cannot bring a laptop with you, I recommend taking thorough notes practice with later.

Tip # 2: If you’re like me, you might be tempted to leave the class once you get the information you came for. DON’T! There will be so many other tricks and tips you can use. All of these new tech programs have so many hidden gems, and it will be well worth the wait. Plus, you don’t want to offend the instructor by leaving.

Tip # 3: Speaking of the instructor, they usually have a set agenda when it comes to these classes, and they really don’t like to deviate from it. I’ve noticed that students will ask questions on how to do certain things within the software, and the instructor will flat out tell them they aren’t teaching that tip today. At first I found it rude, but as I continued to attend, I realized that it’s best to stick to the script. The class is timed, and deviating from the schedule could cause the rest of the class to miss what they came to learn.

I chose to take Indesign, Photoshop, and iMovie because these are the things I plan to use to build my brand. There are so many other products available that can help you build yours. It’s worth looking into them to see how you can use them for yourself. I personally like to learn in a class setting, and I’ve managed to find free courses each time. There are always free online courses if you cannot find local classes. Below are the links to the classes I’ve taken. If you search those same sites, you should be able to find the free online course to it.

Photoshop: New York Public Library
iMovie: Apple Store
Indesign: Noble Desktop

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