In anticipation of my new fit life, I ordered a few things from Amazon to help me reach my fit goals. The first order was: The Simply Fit Board.

I’ve actually had my board for about a week now because I knew I would put it to use pretty soon. I ordered it from Amazon, and it is the best thing since sliced bread! I’ve been using it on my off gym days, and I follow Rosalie Brown’s more core video on youtube each time. It really gives me a good work out. I originally thought it was for the twisting motion only, but Rosalie literally has me sweating bullets with the different types of planking she has us doing. My second purchase was the Sweet Sweat Band.

I also  ordered this band from Amazon on the same day I ordered the board. I tried on my sister’s band one day and I was sold! It comes with a sample pack of Sweet Sweat Gel that helps produce more sweat which ultimately helps lose more weight. It’s not required that you use the gel for the band, but I have been using it and I have definitely been producing more sweat than I anticipated. (TMI Sorry!) Bio-Oil was my next purchase.

I decided to invest in this because I’ve heard it helps with stretch marks. My stretch marks are not outrageous, but I would like for them to go away. I know these are usually genetic (My mom has alot), but I’m going to see how it works for me. Lastly was the Hot Cream. (Note: The color is not as bright as the picture. It’s more of a peachy/orange)

This cream works like Icy-Hot. It has a burning/cool feeling (like Vicks) when you first put it on, and then it gets extremely hot. It actually feels like it’s burning me. I had already read the reviews so I expected the heat, but I did have the urge to take it off because I was nervous about the effect it would have on my skin. I kept it on, and so far nothing has happened as far as bruising.

My daily regimen is as follows:

Morning: Bio Oil

Afternoon: Sweat Gel while working out

Night time after shower: Hot cream overnight

I’m going to try this for about 60 days and see if I see any results as far as losing inches and disappearing stretch marks. I’ll update soon.



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