How To Hone Your Passion

“How do I hone my passion?” I tend to get this question a lot. Many people ask me how I was able to tap into my passion in business, and the truth is; It’s been a long time coming! I’ve always known that I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I never knew exactly what I wanted to do. I’ve always been interested in The Arts (Entertainment, Writing, Media etc), but I was never really sure of what I should focus on. I graduated with a

BA in broadcast journalism, and I thought I wanted to be in front of the camera as a television host. Once I graduated, and social media became a big thing in our world, I realized that I was no longer interested in being in front of the camera. I had more interest in event planning, and creating content behind the scenes. It took a few years before I finally got the guts to jump into blogging, and I’m glad I finally did it. Blogging helped me realize that my passion is “creating”. I thoroughly enjoy creating content for other people. That content might be in the form of writing, event planning, entrepreneurship, and/or experiences, but it’s all apart of my passion, and it’s what makes me, me. When you think of your passion, think of something you could see yourself doing forever without being paid top dollar for it. This is not to say that you will not be paid for your work, it’s just to say that you enjoy doing it so much that the pay is not what drives you. Tap into that passion and be the best at it. The money will come because your audience won’t be able to deny the greatness that you’re showing them. Understand that this is a long process, and not many people achieve success overnight. Always remember that your reason for doing it is that you enjoy it, so you’re not watching the money anyway- at least for now. For me, I’ve decided to keep a 9-5 while also pouring my time into my passion. That way I can continue to pay my bills, while creating my future at the same time. There was a point in my life where I actually stopped working and became an entrepreneur full time. I’ve actually done this a few times in my life. When you go that route you have to make extreme sacrifices. I had graduated college, moved back with my mom, and threw myself into entrepreneurship. I was already used to living on my own, so moving back home was very annoying for me. When you first start out as an entrepreneur you’re most likely not going to make any money right away (I didn’t), so you’re definitely sacrificing your fancy eating habits. Good thing college had already taught me how to survive off of Ramen noodles and Chef Boyardee! Any money that comes in will go right back into your business so you can continue building it. Is it hard? Yes! So why do it? Because it builds character. It prepares us for the big leagues. One important lesson I learned from being a struggling entrepreneur was that it’s super important to learn how to do every aspect of your business. You won’t have the money to get a consultant, assistant, IT person, and or all around helper in the beginning. As a struggling entrepreneur you’re going to want to learn to do everything because you’ll see how important it is to save as many coins as possible. I think this helped shaped me into who I am today because I now know how to do thorough research, build websites, trouble-shoot, and many other things due to my experiences. That’s the reason why you have to be passionate about whatever you choose to do. Our passions drive us to do what’s needed to get us ahead. I’m not currently in a place in my life where I can afford to work on my passion full time. I know the sacrifices that comes with that life, and I’m not willing to make those sacrifices with a little baby depending on me. That’s not a bad thing. I actually applaud myself for knowing my limitations. There once was a time when I was about that sacrificial life, but I’ve changed lol. I do make sure I work on my passion every single day. I make time for it. I nurture it. And I continuously build it. I make time for it because it’s my passion. If you’re currently trying to be an entrepreneur, but you’re unsure on where to start, I encourage you to really think about what it is you enjoy doing. Ask yourself how you can solve a problem for others using that passion. Once you figure that out, you’re on your way. It all starts with the passion.

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