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Let’s Discuss Trademarking – 31 Days Of Content

Over the past year I’ve done a few posts on starting businesses, purchasing domain names, and building websites. I’ll try to upload some of my past videos to my new YouTube channel as soon as I get a minute (🙄). I try to stay away from discussing Trademarking because I’ve never trademarked anything, and I …

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Budget Friendly Christmas Decor – 31 Days Of Content

This week has been an absolute whirlwind and its only Monday! If you follow me on Instagram then you might’ve caught my story where I discussed my plans for Vlogmas and Blogmas. Just for the sake of not repeating the whole thing, here’s a link to that story for those interested:

ENVSN Recap + End Of The Year Goals

Hi Guys! Last week I attended the ENVSN Festival in Brooklyn (pronounced: Envision), which is an inspirational event geared towards women who want to gain access to valuable tools and life lessons that will help make them the best they can be. It had speakers from different career fields (within the arts), who spoke with the …

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