Skinny Fat Girl

My entrepreneur mind is messing with me again. It’s been about a month of new mommyhood and I’m loving it. But the other parts of my mind are creeping back in. I’m ready to get up and make something happen. I have 3 months of maternity leave left, and my goal is to get some businesses popping. I figure I can use this time to really focus. My c-section scar is healing nicely. But my snap back game is on zero! I’m actually surprised. I’ve been slim my whole life. I always thought I would snap right back after a baby…but nope! Once my doctor gives me the ok I’m getting in the gym pronto! I don’t wanna be the skinny fat girl :-/.


It’s been two weeks since I’ve been a mom. I’m still shocked! I always knew that I would have children, but it seems so weird that I actually did it. I’ve always been a “get up and go” type of girl. I’ve never really had any mandatory responsibilities other than myself, so it was nothing for me to leave work and be in another state within a few hours on any given day. Sometimes I wonder if I will miss doing that. Being a mom is definitely….an experience. I love my adorable baby, but being a mom is definitely not easy. There is always something to do. Whether it’s make bottles, feed the baby, clean the house, take a shower, cater to my man, go to an appointment, or whatever, I’m always busy. I have a lot of help, and I’m thankful for it, but it is still overwhelming sometimes. Not to mention God blessed us with a crybaby. When I say this baby screams….Lawd! We literally cannot put him down. Everyone says I’m spoiling him. But how can you deny the cutest baby on earth? But even the cutest babies gotta let mommy’s arms rest….sheesh!

C-Section Recovery

This c-section recovery is no joke! I feel like I’ve been run over by a train. I can’t laugh, cough, walk fast..NOTHING! Everything hurts! I can’t tell when I have to pee, and sometimes I will randomly realize I haven’t peed for several hours. I don’t have an appetite at all, and I have to force myself to eat most of the time. Thank God both of our mom’s (my boyfriend’s and mine) are here to help us through this ordeal. It feels like it’s never gonna end. On a super positive note, Lil Baby is doing well. He’s a greedy little thing! I tried breast feeding (I was forced), and I quit after a week. It wasn’t for me, which I stressed to everyone since the beginning of my pregnancy. At first my boyfriend agreed with me, and then both of our families got in his head, and he decided he wanted me to breast feed. The breast feeding peer pressure is no joke! Finally they wore me down, and I agreed to try it for a little while. Lil baby latched on quick and easy with no issues. My main reason for not wanting to breast feed was that I never thought babies got enough milk, and I hated the thought of him not being full after a feeding. This is exactly what happened, and it was the main reason why I stopped. He seemed to want to be fed every 30 minutes.  My nipples looked like pacifiers! I gave it about a week and gave up. I have no shame about it. I do realize that breast feeding is natural and nutritious but I ultimately wasn’t comfortable with it. He’s back to drinking Similac Non GMO, and we’re both happy. He seems to hate pooping but he does it regularly. I love our little family. Long story short I would deal with the c-section pain a hundred times again for my little munchkin.

Guess What?!?!

Baby’s here!! Unbelievable! I’m officially a mom!!! My little baby came into the world by way of an unexpected C-Section on May 12th 2016! One day after my due date!! Soooo remember I said my doctor was sending me to the hospital for an ultrasound? When I got there the baby’s heart rate was faster than normal and he was transverse (sideways). Throughout most of my pregnancy (from about 26 weeks and on) he had been head down. This was the first time he changed position in all that time. The tech and nurses told me that I would be monitored for a few hours, and then they would make a decision to give me a c-section or send me home. I was like “Oh no I can’t have the baby today.” (I had a list of errands for the day, and I was determined to get them all done). I told them I could come back the next morning and we could do everything at that time. Naturally they looked at me like I was nuts. They told me not to eat anything, but I was starving since getting food was supposed to be next on my list after the appointment. I ate a soup and had a lemonade and cookies. Next thing I know my OB was calling and yelling at me about eating. I explained to her that I was eating because I wasn’t planning on having a C-section that day, and I would come back the next day. She promptly told me not to eat again and to get undressed because she was on her way to deliver my baby. I cried for two hours after that. I guess I was scared and didn’t realize it. I had planned to push my baby out and brag about how quick it was. I thought I might be able to skip the epidural because the pain might not have been that bad. Nothing was going as planned and I was crying about all of it. A few hours later it was time to go in to the delivery room. I literally had no pain thus far. They wheeled me into the room which was dimly lit, warm, with pop music playing. Definitely nothing like what I imagined. I thought it would be cold and dark and scary. It was the complete opposite. Everyone was smiling. They gave me an injection in my back called a spinal block, which sent off a cold sensation through my body. Next, they laid me down and started the procedure. I expected to feel a little pain but I literally felt nothing! I could feel them moving around but it was painless. I remember wondering about how the baby was feeling in that moment and if he was scared. Did he even know what “scared” was yet? I was shaken out of my day dream by a feeling of suffocation as they pushed my organs up to my throat and pulled my baby out. Seconds later he was screaming at the top of his lungs. I couldn’t believe it! When they placed him near my face he immediately stopped screaming. (I thought this only happened in movies). Come to find out his leg was wrapped in the umbilical cord, and he couldn’t get it out. That’s why he was transverse with a fast heart rate. (I thank God so much for forcing me to stay in the hospital) My heart melted. My son was 8lbs even, 20 inches long, and I love him more than I can explain!!!