Stef & The City

Public Transportation

So my car broke down this week. Weirdly I’m not mad. I needed to look for a new one anyway. Today I took lil baby on the bus in our Bjorn carrier. We also have a Moby wrap but it’s so hot I didn’t think it would be a good idea. This was my first …

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Your baby should model

I’m sure we’ve all heard the “your baby should model” line. Me personally I wouldn’t allow it because I work with actors and entertainers everyday, and it’s not that glamorous. I couldn’t subject my baby to the long hours they require. Plus the attention would scare me. When I speak with parents of children in …

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Amazingly Annoying

How amazing and annoying is it that your baby can sense when you walk out of the room? On one hand it’s so wonderful to be loved to the point of someone crying because you leave the room. On the other hand it’s like “look baby, I gotta pee” lol. It’s like Lil Baby will …

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When will my body return

My body is still not back to normal. I’m annoyed but I must say I’m not doing anything about it. It’s my own fault. I don’t wear the stomach binder they gave me, and I don’t work out. I really don’t have time. I’m always busy. As soon as I can make time I will. …

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30 Days Of Me

Today I made a promise to do something nice for myself everyday for 30 days. I think it will be very therapeutic for me and my family. In order to keep us all going I have to been in good mind and spirit. Something nice for myself could even be just getting an extra hour …

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