Blogmas Day 21 – Taking The Time To Appreciate Me

Hi Guys! So today I just wanted to take a second to appreciate myself, and hopefully inspire a few people to appreciate themselves as well. I know this may sound like I’m being conceited, but I promise it’s the total opposite. When I first decided to take on Blogmas, I knew it would be super challenging for me. Committing myself to doing something every single day is not an easy task for me. For one, I’ve always been a huge procrastinator, and if I don’t feel the pressure, I won’t act in a timely fashion. This changed once I had my son. Babies don’t wait for ANYTHING. After being pooped on,

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Blogmas Day 20 – Christmas Checklist

I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t running behind schedule with my Christmas Checklist. I decided to write out the things I still need to do in hopes that I can save someone else some time. Is anyone stuck in the same boat as me? I used someone else’s blueprint as a guide to see where I stand.
  1. Make a family plan – Done! We’re visiting family for the holidays.

  2. Make Travel Arrangements. Done!

  3. Put activities on a calendar: Thankfully I am not the host for the holidays! #WINNING

  4. Shop for cards and wrapping paper: I need to do this!
    5. Start Christmas shopping: Ummm..Still doing this
    6. Wrap gifts as you buy them: Great idea! I’ll start doing this.

Blogmas Day 19 – Giveaway

I’ve partnered with to bring you a giveaway that will make your children think you’re the best parent ever! takes the magic of Santa Clause to the next level with personalized videos from Santa himself. They make customized videos of Santa speaking directly to the children (by name), and wowing them with facts about themselves. I’m giving away one video to one lucky child to help make their Christmas special. To sign up for

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Blogmas Day 18 – Last Minute Shopping + Launching My First Book


Don’t you hate when you think you’ve covered everything for the holidays and then you realize you’re no where near done. That’s me today. Christmas is only one week away and I can feel myself falling into panic mode. We’re going away for the holiday, and I’m trying to

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Blogmas Day 17 – Lazy Sundays

Today has been somewhat of a lazy day for us. We’ve kinda just been laying around watching tv and having dance contests to every Disney movie made in the past few years. Jaylin really needed a day to rest more than I did. Poor baby is such a trooper. We’re always moving and shaking, and he will not take a nap unless it looks like I’m taking one too. Today he seemed to

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