Snap Back

That’s a picture of Teyana Taylor 6 days after having her baby. Idk about you but I’m inspired. Now that brings me to a convo I had with my friends. A lot of people don’t think these snap backs are real. I believe they are. I think they’re just promoted as being easier to achieve than it really is. It’s promoted so much that when we get pregnant we assume that our bodies should bounce right back to normal with no issues. Especially if you were already slim, which is the case with me. Before I got pregnant I always wondered why women who complained about their weight didn’t just work out to lose it. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I’m a firm believer that you can achieve anything with hard work and dedication. ¬†Once I had my baby I realized that it takes more than just hopping on a treadmill to lose weight/inches. You have to be mentally prepared to be fit. You have to have the will to defeat temptation when it comes to healthy eating. These are both things that I struggle with. After I had my baby I quickly realized my body wasn’t gonna snap back on it’s own. I have to work for it! Even now, nearly 6 months postpartum, it’s still taking me time to prepare myself mentally for the work I need to do to get my body back. When I see these snap back posts from celebrities, I realize that 9 times out of 10 they were already fit and working out pre-pregnancy. Where as with me I haven’t worked out in years. I’ve always been just a fat girl in a skinny body. I lose my breath running just a few blocks. I should’ve known all of that bad eating and skipping workouts would catch up to me one day. Whenever I wanna beat myself up for not working out or eating right because Teyanna Taylor or Angela Simmons pops up on my timeline, I have to remember that I don’t have NBA money behind me to afford the best trainers. My family is not rich enough to have a nanny or babysitter at my beck and call so I can go work out. We all know that the babysitter struggle is real! And there’s nothing wrong with that! I’m happy that they have the means to do it and show us how it’s done because I’m definitely watching, and I’m inspired. I say all of that to say that while some people do have the 6-day snap back, it’s ok if we have the 600 day snap back ?. When we’re ready to get it done, we will do it. We just have to remember that the quicker we prepare ourselves mentally, the quicker we will see results.

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