Your baby should model

I’m sure we’ve all heard the “your baby should model” line. Me personally I wouldn’t allow it because I work with actors and entertainers everyday, and it’s not that glamorous. I couldn’t subject my baby to the long hours they require. Plus the attention would scare me. When I speak with parents of children in the entertainment business I always ask if the children enjoy what they do. Most of them say no. It seems like it’s not enjoyable during the working hours but of course the benefits can be very rewarding. Throughout the year I produce a few events for kids and teens, and now that I have my own child I see how important it is to make sure a child entertainer is taken care of to the highest extent. My events are definitely no match for the work of a tv or movie childstar , but when it comes to children, work is work. There are so many things for us as parents to consider before entering our children into these contests for commercials and movie auditions. Will your child be comfortable staying in one place for several hours? Will your child be as cheerful as he/she was when you guys first arrived on set? Is your child comfortable around other children? Does your child take direction well? Do you take rejection well? (This is an important one because your child most likely won’t realize the rejection, but you will.) Do you have the time and funds available to travel to these castings until their career pops off? There are so many things to consider. I think for me I will allow my child to make that decision for himself when he’s older. At that point I will have no problem becoming a psycho stage mom. If I could find a way to make it easy on him while he’s a baby I might seriously consider it. I would definitely do it if I had enough time to dedicate to the castings. I wouldn’t feel comfortable sending him off with a manager. Now that I think about it, it might be worth looking into. Hmmmm…



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